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Posted May 15, 2000 – compliments of Moore County, NC Government –
Phone: 910-947-2255  Tax Department

Tax Dept. Web site:
Moore County Board of Commissioners
Population: 2000 est. 76,130
You can email the commissioners by sending email to:
Carol Thomas, Clerk to the Board

If you have any questions or additions to this site please
Email or call us: 1-800-528-5742.

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State: 7.75% sales tax, state income tax uses a rate of 6%-7.75% depending upon income and individual classification.

Local: 3% room occupancy and tourism development tax on short term rentals, 90 days or less.

Real Estate is taxed at the following rates: Tax value is established by county revaluation every four years (used to be every 4 years). This was the revaluation year and the new tax values are available on line, the new mil levy rate has not been set by the county as date, 1 April, 2007

Click here to download the pdf version
2012 Moore County Taxes


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